Duane Lee

Postdoctoral fellow

Joined Jul 2015

Dr. Duane M. Lee is an MLK visiting scholar in Physics at MIT and works at the MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research. Visiting from Nashville, Tennessee, Dr. Lee holds a joint Postdoctoral Fellowship in Physics at Fisk University & Vanderbilt University. As a galactic astronomer, Dr. Lee's research interests lie in: Galactic archeology and near­-field cosmology (with a focus on the origin of stellar populations in the Milky Way), galactic chemical. evolution of dwarf galaxies, and the assembly of the Galactic halo. Dr. Lee uses techniques like “statistical chemical tagging” of halo stars and tracing of multiple stellar generations in galactic chemical evolution modeling to uncover and help constrain the nature of nucleosynthetic yields and sites for chemical elements such as neutron-capture elements. Dr. Lee is originally from Pittsfield, MA and holds an BA w/Honors from Williams College in Astrophysics, an MA from Wesleyan U. in Astronomy, and a Ph.D. from Columbia U. in Astronomy. You can learn more about Duane's research and other interests from his MKI homepage & personal webpage, The Galactic Genealogist.


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