June 03, 2023
Finger Prosthesis: A Novel Way to Restore the Form, Function, and Esthetics
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August 30, 2023
Use of surgical grafting as a part of multidisciplinary treatment for a patient treat...
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March 10, 2023
Variation in Location of the Distobuccal Root Canal in a permanent Maxillary Second M...
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Single visit rehabilitation of 12-day neonate with cleft palate using modified feedin...
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Non-extraction orthodontic treatment for Class II malocclusion with severe dental cro...
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Rare non-syndromic bilateral maxillary and mandibular permanent canine agenesis
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November 08, 2021
Non-syndromic supernumerary premolar tooth buds at a rare site in the mandible
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November 08, 2021
Impaction caused by a Rare erupted peripheral compound Odontoma
anand marya and Adith Venugopal