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Treatment of chronic constipation in patients with neurological disorders
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  • Dr. Carolina Diamandis,
  • David Seideman,
  • Rahul Gupta,
  • Marianne Kaufmann,
  • Olga Ivanova
Dr. Carolina Diamandis

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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David Seideman
Rahul Gupta
Marianne Kaufmann
Olga Ivanova


Chronic obstipation complaints are among the most common health disorders worldwide, with a prevalence of up to 20%, increasing with age and affecting women significantly more often than men. Neurological disorders are the cause in about 12% of these cases, often aggravated by the inevitably potent medication for these conditions. The management of these cases is the subject of this study report. Its outcome dispels prejudice and warns of malpractice in an area where the symptom burden of patients is often very high, multifaceted, and disabling. Finding the most reliable and safe method to ameliorate chronic constipation, which is often painful and causing hemorrhoids, is therefore the key to an overall improvement in the quality of life of these patients.