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Exact solutions of Effective-Mass Schrödinger Equations on Quantum Kerr- (A) Ds Galilean Myers– Perr driven gravitational transformations for the anti-COVID-19 RoccuffirnaTM drug design.
  • Ioannis Grigoriadis
Ioannis Grigoriadis
Biogenea Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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General methods to quantize combined descriptors of both the probability and phase/current distributions in molecular electronic reference frame transformations, to a “superposition of coordinate transformations” have been previously introduced. Continuity equations for these densities are explored on an array of recent fundamental observations developed through gravitational amplification of primeval density fluctuations generated in the exceedingly early phase of cosmic evolution. In this paper, I show that the notion of vertical-equilibrium state of the vanishing current entanglement in chemical space and orbital superpositions are observer-dependent features in quantum reference frames including Galilean transformation, and near-horizon symmetries ranging from supergravity theories to Lorentzian cryptographic signatures to enhance the RoccuffirnaTM’s gravity to trap the SARS-COV-2 viruses in practice. The corresponding stationary radial Schrödinger equations with these potential energy functions are solved analytically, in the underlying information continuity equation that determines machine learning characteristics for both Euclidean and Lorentzian signatures to Quantum microBlackHole-Inspired Kerr- (A) dS-Myers–Perry black Gravitationals in an approximate scheme for zero total angular momentum. It is found that the wave functions for bound states can be expressed in terms of the Jacoby polynomial involving either the nonclassical or resultant entropy/information concepts the so called horizontal-equilibrium state, which represents the phase-transformed quantum state of a molecule, corresponding to the optimum, density-dependent “thermodynamic” phase in the near-horizon limit, with either SL(2, ℝ) or Poincaré iso(1, 1) symmetry which extends to the entire near-horizon geometry . This analytical expressions for purely vibrational energy levels of the electronic state, without an accompanying change of quantum observables, preserves the electron probability distribution but modifies its current by varying the moduli to a weakly-coupled description of a pharmacophoric system, where states with fixed conserved charges can be counted. The influence of the equilibrium-phase gravitational transformation, quantum phase density, and local entropy formalism production is examined on the continuity chemical relations for the anti-COVID-19 RoccuffirnaTM molecular equilibrium states.