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The phylogeny of the Anderson’s White-bellied Rat (Niviventer andersoni) based on complete mitochondrial genomes provides insight into its evolutionary history
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  • Shujing Liu,
  • Lili Fu,
  • Jihua Zhou,
  • Jizhou Lv,
  • Zhongyang Tan,
  • Yunzhi Zhang,
  • Xingyi Ge
Shujing Liu
Hunan University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Lili Fu
Dali University
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Jihua Zhou
Yunnan Institute of Endemic Diseases Control and Prevention
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Jizhou Lv
Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine Institute of Animal Quarantine
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Zhongyang Tan
Hunan University
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Yunzhi Zhang
Dali University
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Xingyi Ge
Hunan University
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Anderson’s White-bellied Rat, Niviventer andersoni (Thomas, 1911) (Muridae, Niviventer) is an species endemic to China. In the present study, we have sequenced the first complete mitochondrial genome of N. andersoni using next-generation sequencing. The 16,291 bp mitochondrial genome consists of 22 transfer RNA genes, 13 protein-coding genes (PCGs), two ribosomal RNA genes, and one non-coding control region (D-Loop). Phylogenetic analyses of the nucleotide sequences of all 13 PCGs, PCGs minus ND6 and the entire mitogenome sequence except for the D-loop, produce nearly identical, well-resolved topologies. Our results support that N. andersoni clustered with N. excelsior and form a sister group with N. confucianus, and they statistically reject the hypothesis from one cytochrome b (cytb) gene tree that N. confucianus is sister to N. fulvescens. Our research may be helpful to further reconsideration of clearer taxonomy and improve our understanding of mitogenomic evolution in the genus Niviventer.
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