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A comparative study between resting-state fMRI and plasma markers in subjects with mild cognitive impairment, on residents of Wuxi City, China.
  • long wang
long wang
Wuxi Mental Health Center,Wuxi,China
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From April 2018 to December 2019, we recruited 31 volunteers with mild cognitive impairment and 33 volunteers in the healthy control group from the residents of Wuxi City’s community. Relevant researches on resting state functional magnetic resonance and human plasma markers were done respectively; Studies have shown that there are differences in brain function between the MCI group and the healthy control group, which is similar to previous studies[1]; It is worth noting that most plasma markers and cerebrospinal fluid, apolipoprotein gene E have no significant difference, Most previous studies of the same kind have shown anomalies[2], and we speculate that this difference may be related to ethnic or regional differences[3, 4]. Next, we will expand the sample size to further verify this guess