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  • Dr. Idiberto Jose Zotarelli Filho, MSc, Ph.D
Dr. Idiberto Jose Zotarelli Filho, MSc, Ph.D

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Introduction: The number of disabilities due to age is expected to double by 2060. In this scenario, the development of sarcopenia is an important risk factor for the development of frailty, loss of independence and physical disability in the elderly and is associated with lower survival in critically ill patients. In this sense, the decline in fat-free mass correlates with the decline associated with the age of growth hormone (GH) secretion. Thus, GH secretagogue (MK-677) as the first orally active ghrelin mimetic may increase pulsatile GH secretion in the elderly. Objective: The main objectives were to determine whether oral MK-677 in healthy elderly would increase GH and IGF-I levels, prevent the decline of FFM and decrease abdominal visceral fat (AVF) with acceptable tolerability. Methods: A total of 18 articles were found involving MK-677, GH secretagogue, sarcopenia, insulin-like growth factor-1, safety, and efficacy. Initially, it was held the existing exclusion title and duplications following the interest described in this work. After this process, 5 articles were included and discussed in this study. The present study was elaborated according to the rules of systematic review- PRISMA (Transparent reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analysis- http://www.prisma-statement.org/). Results: In a clinical study, MK-677 neutralized three important factors contributing to the development of sarcopenia, which is reduced GH secretion, fat-free mass loss, and inadequate food intake. A recent study looked at the safety and efficacy of the oral GH secretagogue (MK-677) in humans, showing that MK-677 promotes pulsatile GH release that is subject to negative feedback and may prevent supra-therapeutic levels. of GH and its sequelae. Available studies indicate that MK-677 is well tolerated, however, there is a bias in decreased insulin sensitivity. There were no adverse effects attributable to MK-677. However, MK-677 had an unfavorable safety profile in individuals with congestive heart failure. Conclusion: The most confirmed sarcopenia treatment methods are nutritional overfeeding and resistance training, but studies have shown that supplementation with MK-677 can significantly reduce three important factors contributing to the development of sarcopenia, which is reduced secretion. GH loss, fat-free mass loss, and inadequate food intake, safely and effectively. However, it is imperative to increase randomized clinical trials to establish a consensus treatment.
Keywords: MK-677. Ibutamoren. GH secretagogue. Sarcopenia. Elderly.