Matteo Cantiello

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The KITP invites collaborating researchers who were participants of selected recent programs to apply to visit, in order to pursue work initiated during their prior KITP visits. The goal is to enhance those collaborative efforts initiated at a KITP program that would clearly benefit from a brief, focused return to the KITP. Groups of 2-6 members with established collaborations arising from the following programs may apply to visit for 1 or 2 weeks during the period October 26-December 18, 2015: - Magnetism, Bad Metals and Superconductivity: Iron Pnictides and Beyond - Galactic Archaeology and Precision Stellar Astrophysics - Dynamics and Evolution of Earth-like Planets - Quantum Gravity Foundations: UV to IR Proposals should be short, consisting of 1-2 pages justifying the group of researchers who will participate, explaining the science and objectives that the group will pursue during the visit, and explicitly stating the preferred dates when the group can come. Visits must be for one or two complete weeks, with all applicants in residence at the same time. Applying to the program consists of two steps: 1. One collaborator must submit the group’s proposal at Form. 2. Each member of the proposed group must also fill out a brief online application at Activities. All application materials must be received by July 5, 2015. Invitations will be issued by July 17, 2015. For those invited to participate, KITP will reserve and directly pay for housing at West Cottages and provide office space in Kohn Hall during the visits. Visitors will be fully responsible for travel, meals and any other expenses.