Reihaneh Pirjani

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Objective:To compare maternal and fetal consequences of Covid-19-infected pregnancies with non-infected pregnancies. Design: Prospective cohort study Setting: Iran Population: Pregnant women who were hospitalized from March 1 to April 20 2020 Methods: Participants were divided into three groups: Women with positive Covid-19 PCR test and/or positive CT scan findings in the presence of very typical clinical symptoms were classified as confirmed group,women with typical clinical symptoms along with two or more oflaboratory findings were classified as probable group and women who hadno clinical symptom of infection were classified as a control group.In order to minimize the presence of asymptomatic individuals in the control group, we used very precise exclusion criteria. Main Outcome Measures: Maternal, neonatal and pregnancy outcomes. Results:One hundred and eighty-two women enrolled including37 and 12 and 133 women inconfirmed, probable andcontrol groups respectively.Caesarean Section was carried outin total 96 women (52.74%,95%CI:45.22,68.31).Nosignificant association was found between COVID-19 infection and preterm labour(aRR:0.75,95%CI:0.30,1.87,P=0.546),low birth weight(aRR:1.15,95%CI:0.49,2.73,P=0.737), gestational diabetes(aRR:0.78,95%CI:0.26,2.33,P=0.669), preeclampsia (aRR:2.07,95%CI:0.50,8.47,P=0.310) intrauterine growth restriction(aRR:0.30, 95%CI:0.02,3.27,P= 0.327) preterm rupture of membrane(aRR:0.38,95%CI:0.04,3.30,P=0.383), stillbirth (aRR: 1.53,95%CI:0.15,14.71,P=0.712), postpartum haemorrhage (aRR:0.80,95%CI:0.11,5.57,P=0.829), neonatal intensive care unit admission (aRR:1.48,95%CI:0.38,5.78,P=0.568), neonatal sepsis(aRR:1.23,95%CI:0.68,2.20,P= 0.481) Conclusion:Given the effect of many potential factors, such as the severity of maternal infection, the time interval between the onset of symptoms in mother and childbirth, and many other factors on the effect of the virus on pregnancy outcomes, we suggest conductingmore extensive prospective studies in this field.