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  • Tomina Thomas,
  • Dr.Prawin Michael
Tomina Thomas

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Dr.Prawin Michael
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This paper discuss about signal processing methods for harmonic analysis. Nowadays, emission in the range of high frequencies is increasing because of the fast improvement of energy saving equipment’s. The bulk usage of electronic apparatus, the progress of electric power utilization and rising non-linear loads on electrical system network loads etc… leads to many power quality issues. The high frequency emission becomes one of the major challenging power quality issues. During normal operation, some of present-day appliances can emit high frequency such as compact fluorescent lamp, light emitting diodes, PV inverters, chargers of battery, etc. In order to detect these emissions so many researches are undergoing at different areas. To investigate the harmonic analysis of inverter, several experiments were performed. Similar experiments were performed using FFT analysis, for the comparison. These comparisons proved the priority of the new signal processing methods.