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Nonlinear inversion approaches to study the Bouger gravity anomaly of Covington pluton
  • Anuradha Mahanama
Anuradha Mahanama
University of Memphis
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This study has done with a set of Bouguer gravity anomaly data along with the geographic locations of Covington Pluton which located in the Mississippi Embayment area. Three different types of nonlinear inversion algorithms; Monte Carlo method, Newton’s method and Simulate Aneling method have applied to find the estimates for the source depth and the density contrast of the pluton. The forward model assumed that there is a spherical mass excess in the pluton that gives a positive Bouguer gravity anomaly at the surface. According to the results of the three inversion approaches, the simulated aneling method gave us reasonable estimates compared to the other two methods. Results from the simulated aneling suggest the source depth of the Covington pluton should be lower as 2.5 km and density contrast close to 250 kgm-3.