Practical applications of open networks for innovation and technology transfer and how a sustainable organisation can be built to facilitate and encourage these processes

AbstractI believe that great opportunities could be exposed if we form better technology transfer mechanisms that more fluently and harmoniously exist within a predominantly networked society. For example, mechanisms such as open-source, open innovation, and crowd sourcing have begun to make traction as more modern generations emerge. Profitable organisations are the most likely to be highly effective in facilitating change - we need to figure out how to build organisations that can stimulate tech transfer which are also profitable and thus sustainable.


Each year, as more and more folks enter the workforce who grew up with the transparency, access, collaboration, openness, and level playing field of the Internet, we will see more and more workers rebel against the status quo.

Sociology of Current and Future Generations

#Talk about the various generation groups that exist, and trends in new generations

Generation F

Generation Facebook (Generation F) is a demographic group that has grown up using social media as their primary networking tool. Networking on social sites may takes priority over one-on-one email exchanges, telephone calls or even in-person meetings.