How pleasant to escape from a stifling heat in a well-tempered department store or to turn on a cooling fan in the car, while others stick the shirt sweaty on the back - air conditioning systems can not only make life easier in summer. But they are not completely unproblematic. As pleasant as the cool air on a hot summer day is, the discomfort caused by the air of an air conditioner can be uncomfortable. Health disadvantage of air conditioners Many people, for example, who are regularly exposed to conditioned air in the office, complain about impairments: excessive drafts, too much cold, too dry mucous membranes. As a result, more diseases occur, in the first place colds, problems with the bronchi and sinuses and increased susceptibility to infection. Also irritated skin and mucous membranes, headaches and concentration disorders are attributed to the conditioned air. And again and again there are reports that air conditioners mutate in the absence of maintenance to killers: In particular, caused by Legionella Legionnaire's disease can lead to severe, potentially fatal pneumonia. The air conditioning stinks? Cleaning helps. Microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi have an unnoticed and undisturbed life of their own in the filters and pipes of the air conditioning systems. They collect and multiply and are thrown with the air flow directly into the human organism. In high humidity, especially the mold fungi are pleased. High humidity arises u.a. by condensation, when hot air cools. Air-conditioning systems must be expertly serviced at least once a year - only such an air-conditioning maintenance can eliminate technical and hygienic defects in good time. Such an experience gives players the opportunity to get to know the game better without having to worry about their money.Air conditioning makes you sick