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There is no need to worry. With all the problems our Earth has, we can only sit down and relax. The people are wise enough to change their behavior, right? Wrong. I am really deep in Google search engines through my job and one day I decided to have a look at what the people actually search for and compared it with the historical data.Love is still the leaderWhat kind of love am I talking about? The basic instinct, indeed. With over 50 millions worldwide searches of the word "sex" and related searches such as "porn", porn video" etc. Actually there are hundreds of combinations on the top position related with sex that are to be found before we hit the positions on the second placeBored?Indeed after people get through the love issues, the fun begins. The key word "game" with all different combinations can be enjoyed within the top 10. Casino slot machines games, RNG games, Strategy games and titles as Minecraft, Wheel of Fortune, Insomnia and Heroes of Might and Magic can be found within seconds.Besides the games, there are many ways how to waste the time. Social media hit the top 10 from many angles. Traveling, socializing, thematic. Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Twitter and hundreds more are here to offer what you thrive for.And what about the problems of the world?Not much to be honest. Within the Google search, there is only small evidence of people being interested about what bothers the Earth and what might eventually kill the generations to follow. I was searching hard and nothing was found. This article will continue after the Christmas.