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An A Priori Path to Super-Intelligence
  • Marcus Abundis
Marcus Abundis
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This paper details structural fundaments in information, and then in intelligence, as a way to posit a Super-Intelligence (SI) approach. It explores the task of framing ‘general adaptive logic’ from a low-order (non-anthropic) core — to arrive at a scalable, least-ambiguous and most-general, computationally-generative adaptive continuum. The study names four steps needed to develop adaptive logic. In the first of those four steps, Shannon Signal Entropy is deconstructed in a priori terms to detail the underlying Signal Literacy needed to support extensible ‘informational intelligence’. A general dualist-triune informational continuum is therein named. Lastly, three remaining steps are briefly explored in the growth of that informational intelligence toward SI, with additional detail referenced in three related papers (6,200 words [5,500 w/o], 9 pages, rev10/2018).