Extraction systems are used in industrial places to remove airborne harmful particles from the workplaces for the health reasons of the workers. The harmful particles in question are particles like fibers, mists, fumes and dusts. The contaminants can also include particles along with the combination of vapors and gases.  There are several systems that are being used by the industries to enhance their productivity and produce minimum wastes as possible. In many countries there are strict regulations that say that the industrial workplaces should protect the health of their workers and employees by means of effective Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV). Agglomeration The agglomerator system involves the process in which bigger conglomerates are joined together from smaller powder particulates.  The powders produced via this process are free- flowing, non- dusty and are instantly soluble in hot or cold waters. To achieve better agglomerates the combination of a fluidized bed dryer and of a spray dryer is used along with binding agents like water. Rewet agglomeration technique is used for getting bigger agglomerates in case of coffee powders. Depending on the color of the products steam or water is also used in the process of rewet agglomeration. As a rewetting media condensate is used for darker color and steam is used for lighter color. The bulk density, color of the product and the size of the agglomerate can be varied as per the requirement of the customer. Aroma Recovery System The aroma recoivery system and the off- flavor removal system in the production of instant or soluble coffee powder have a significant impact on the quality of the end product. During the process of extraction system the best extract quality and treated with this process to preserve and gather the premium aromas. The most volatile and desirable aromas are recovers from the roasted and ground coffee with the help of steam stripping. The aroma rich steam is then condensed and stored in very chilled conditions and just before the coffee extract standardization is added back into the extract. To keep the volatile aromas intact the product is then stored in lenient extraction conditions and low- temperatures. ZLD treatment system A ZLD system as the name suggests, zero, is used to limit liquid waste at the end of an industrial process utilizing advanced technological water treatment processes. A well designesd ZLD system handles variation in waste flow and contamination. It also allows for the required chemical volumes adjustments. It recovers 95% of the liquid waste for reuse. There are several companies that cater to such needs of the industries and SSP India is leading the way in that direction of advanced and breakthrough technological reforms. For more information on their products their website is a must checkout.