Microsoft's second edition to the gaming world was the Xbox 360, as Xbox was the first system that they produced. Video game consoles are in their seventh generation and Xbox 360 makes a great competitor against the Wii by Nintendo and Playstation 3 by Sony.There is so much that can be done when you purchase an Xbox 360, and one of the biggest features is being able to connect it to the Internet to download everything from more games to movies. Every game you play will be in high definition and it will play high definition movies in the same manner, as it has many Windows Media Center capabilities, multimedia-wise, and its online marketplace will offer anything you could ever want and then some.On May 12, 2005 the Xbox 360 was revealed to the public, via MTV, and later on, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, more information was given out publicly, including game information The only place that this console didn't sell out was in Japan, yet it has sold more than 34 million consoles up until October of 2009, and today, it comes in two different versio ns, Elite and Arcade, both coming with their own separate features that appeal to different gamers.GamesMicrosoft entered the arena of video game consoles with the XBox, its first real standalone product for video games, other than its collaboration with Sega for a Dreamcast Windows CE. Seamus Blackley developed the first XBox with a team of game developers from Microsoft. Bill Gates would consistently mention the console in 1999, but the system experienced constantly delays in release from Microsoft. According to Gates, the new millenium needed a new console and a new convergence in entertainment and media; eventually, he showed the XBox off at the 200 Game Developer's Conference to a flurry of acclaim and curiosity. To find something more interesting check eSportsBetStar. The announcement from Gates came at a strange time, because the Sony PlayStation 2 was starting to come out in Japan, and the Dreamcast experienced mass failure.3Microsoft held off on releasing the console in Europe in order to try launching in Japan first, but Europe eventually received it better. Seamus Blacklet, as well as another XBox developer, Kevin Bachus, soon parted ways with Microsoft shortly afterward. Otto Berkes and Ted Hase, who were the other people on the Xbox team, still work for Microsoft but not with the Xbox.Microsoft experienced moderate success in their plans. Microsoft made Halo: Combat Evolved, a game from their new property, Bungie, their launch title for the Xbox. With the exception of games like Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, and Medal of Honor, not many first person shooters have made a large impression on the general video game market, with few hits in that genre. Fortunately, Halo proved to be a success, and Bungie's game helped make the Xbox triumph. Microsoft's console soon took Nintendo's spot as the second best console in America in 2002.Games like Dead or Alive 3, Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding, Project Gotham Racing and Fuzion Frenzy, in addition to Halo, proved Microsoft's strength right away.The name Xbox came from it's original title, the DirectX Box, but focus testers didn't like it, so the console was changed to its current moniker.