Professional Testosterone Doctors from TRT Medical Center Millions of American men have low testosterone but most of them haven’t talked to their doctors about their symptoms or how to treat their condition because they find it embarrassing. Yet finding a local testosterone therapy doctor to talk to is easy when you are armed with the following useful information provided by the professional testosterone doctors from HRT clinic in Fort Lauderdale  With testosterone deficiency, it is the associated symptoms that concern patients and their doctors even more than what their individual blood levels might indicate. Some physicians even have the opinion that if a person has been experiencing any of Low T’s associated symptoms, then they don’t have to bother with having a testosterone blood test performed in order to receive treatment. However, no doctor can responsibly and accurately prescribe testosterone replacement therapy if they have not clinically established the patient’s current baseline testosterone level, which only a blood test can do. Some of the symptoms that come from having low testosterone levels can easily be mistaken for symptoms of other medical problems. Yet a simple blood test can clearly indicate the status of a patient’s available testosterone supply and provide some much-needed clarity to adults who: 1.Have been noticing changes in their physical condition, their moods, and their libido 2.Have less resistance to common maladies such as colds, flu and muscle sprains 3.Have noticed their cognitive performance slipping and are not sure why