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  • GAYATHRI annapareddy
GAYATHRI annapareddy

Corresponding Author:gayathrisphd1@gmail.com

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Ultra-wideband (UWB) ridged slot radiators have been reported covering microwave frequency region. However, for phased array applications covering 6-22GHz, the spacing between array elements should be no more than 0.57 lambda H (where lambda H is the wavelength at 18GHz) for scanning to +/- 45 degrees. Meeting this requirement, a ridged slot antenna of the aperture size of 9.5mm has been designed for single polarization over 6-22GHz intended for phased array applications. The design has been carried out using ANSYS HFSS software and return loss of less than -7.5dB has been obtained over 6-22GHz with satisfactory radiation patterns. Parametric studies have been carried out to optimize the dimensions to obtain a return loss of less than -7.5dB over the band. And radiation patterns are satisfactory. The parajmetric studies and results are reporetd.