Research Proposal Template

Project Summary

This should be a brief statement of the problem you plan to address. It should look something like an abstract.

Intellectual Merit

Broader Impacts

There are 4 kinds of broader impacts. 1. advance discovery and understanding while promoting teaching, training and learning 2. broaden the participation of underrepresented groups 3. disseminated broadly to enhance scientific and technological understanding 4. benefits of the proposed activity to society

Project Description

In my paper (citation not found: paper01) written during the period of my present grant ...

Broader Impacts

Biographical Sketch: Your Name

Your Bio should be divided into the following sections (a) Professional Preparation (education): Undergrad, Major, Year Graduate, Major, Year Postdoc, Area, Years-Inclusive (b) Appointments: most recent first. (c) Publications: 5 related to the proposal, and 5 “Other Significant Publications” (d) Synergistic Activities (math-enhancing activities that were not part of your main job description, like editorial boards and conference organizing - any Math-related volunteer work. these are often similar to Broader Impacts (e) Collaborators & Other Affiliations: (use the following sections) list in alphabetical order, and include current affiliations parenthetically Collaborators and Co-editors: past 48 months. If none, write “none” Graduate Advisors and Postdoctoral sponsors: (your own, no matter how long ago) Thesis advisor and postgraduate scholar-sponsor: those you have advised in the past 5 years. Total number of graduate students advised: X (all time) Total number of postdoctoral scholars sponsored: Y (all time)