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Kuleshov Effect in VR: Exploring the Storytelling Possibility of Binocular Rivalry in Head Mounted Display
  • Siyuan Qiu,
  • ehenaff,
  • yx1208
Siyuan Qiu
New York University (NYU)

Corresponding Author:sq496@nyu.edu

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Stereopsis is not the only perception one could get when they put on the Head Mounted Display (HMD) for the Virtual Reality (VR) experience. This paper gives an overview of all the possible cognitive results (stereoscopy, binocular rivalry, and binocular suppression) and their applications under different HMD using scenarios. Among all of the three results, the paper tries to discuss the unrealism storytelling possibility of binocular rivalry, a unique phenomenon when two different images are presented to both eyes of the user.  A comparative research is conducted between the binocular rivalry and Kuleshov Effect in the motion picture. The experiment result indicates that dichoptically viewing two images could actually yield to more meanings than watching the two images in isolation under the binocular rivalry scenario.