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  • Acacia Judge
Acacia Judge

Corresponding Author:aj1239@nyu.edu

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There is a phenomenon commonly referred to as the Uncanny Valley, wherein realistic renderings of the human form are met with a response of disgust from humans. The Uncanny Valley is a problem plaguing the digital animation industry as advancements in technology allow for more lifelike renderings. Many theories have been proposed as to why this phenomenon exists, but there is no definitive explanation as to what causes the effect. It has been demonstrated that there is an evolutionary component to the Uncanny Valley, as monkeys have shown a similar negative response to renderings of their species as humans have to renderings of humans. In order to pinpoint the ways in which digital creators can overcome the Uncanny Valley effect when producing digital human renders, further investigation into the effect as it pertains to lesser primates is necessary for understanding the evolutionary origins of the Uncanny Valley.