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    \label{sec:main_intro} Introduction

    \label{sec:exp_intro} Experiment

    \label{sec:exp_beam} Beam

    \label{sec:exp_daq} DAQ

    \label{sec:exp_target} Polarized Target

    \label{sec:beta} BETA

    \label{sec:beta-bigcal} BigCal

    \label{sec:beta-cer} Gas

    \label{sec:beta-luc} Lucite

    \label{sec:beta-tracker} Tracker

    \label{sec:data-anal} Data analysis

    \label{sec:data-anal-bc-calib} Bigcal calibration

    \label{sec:data-anal-cer-pid} Cerenkov Electron Identification

    \label{sec:data-anal-track} Tracking

    \label{sec:data-anal-bin} Binning

    \label{sec:meas-asym} Extraction of Asymmetry

    \label{sec:meas-asym-charge} Charge Normalization

    \label{sec:meas-asym-livet} Live time correction

    \label{sec:meas-asym-bpol} Beam Polarization

    \label{sec:meas-asym-tpol} Target Polarization

    \label{sec:meas-asym-pf} Packing Fraction

    \label{sec:meas-asym-df} Target Dilution Factor

    \label{sec:meas-asym-results} Measured Asymmetries

    \label{sec:rad-back-corr} Radiative and Background corrections

    \label{sec:rad-back-corr-eltail} Radiative Elastic tail subtraction

    \label{sec:rad-back-corr-pair} Pair-symmetric background subtraction

    \label{sec:pion-asym} Pion asymmetry

    \label{sec:rad-back-corr-inel} Inelastic radiative corrections

    \label{sec:spin-asym} Spin Asymmetries

    \label{sec:syste-err} Systematic errors

    \label{sec:spin-struct} Spin structure functions

    \label{sec:conclusion} Conclusion

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