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Executive Summary

This project consists of a months work, of data research, analysis and results. The project’s intent is to demonstrate how the increasing carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere are effecting the global temperature. Then cross analyze the ocean temperature anomaly data against the wildfire data to find a correlation between increasing temperatures and drier conditions that facilitate wildfires.

The data was sifted through using a few labor saving devices, such as Matlab and Emacs. The usefulness in Emacs comes from its ability for the user to create macro keyboard commands that can be repeated thousands of times to remove columns of data, or adjust the set as a whole. The data used comes from several different locations from across the internet. The errors and uncertainties were evaluated to gain a better understanding of how accurate the results are. Plots of the data are shown in various figures throughout the document. A strong majority of the graphs include trend lines that show an obvious upward trend. The final results indicate a strong correlation between the increase of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere, temperature anomaly data, and an increase of wildfire severity.

Introduction and Background

Talk of climate change is everywhere