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Exploring News Articles on Bitcoin in New York City - Case Study  
  • Anastasia Sagalovitch
Anastasia Sagalovitch
New York University (NYU)

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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A case study approach was utilized to explore news articles published by a popular daily newspaper in New York City - the New York Post, on the topic of bitcoin to assess any potential trends in reporting by utilizing the Natural Language Tool Kit in python. 
The larger goal of this project would be to compare reporting across cities and publications, across time, to determine if there were/are differences in how different publications and by extension cities, report on the emergence of digital currency. Currently, the legislation around bitcoin is fragmented as Federal, State and City agencies may create their own respective rules. As an emerging technology, empowered by a technology backbone centered around cryptography, distributed computing,  that is to date "untied" to anything else in the market, the aim of the project was to Investigate in what terms  has the reading public been exposed to the topic and in what ways might this differ across locales and publications.  The project was amended to reflect reviewer feedback to condense/limit the scope for this initial exploration.