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MatterReview: Neonatal Sepsis
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Neonatal sepsis is the very important cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality, especially in newborns with risk factors such as premature birth
The neonatal sepsis can be divided into 2 groups: early onset and late onset each with their own distinctive causes, risk factors and severity
Early-onset sepsis usually caused by vertical infection from the complicated birth such as prolong PROM > 18hr or maternal chorioamnionitis. GBS and E.coli is the most common but both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria can be the causative agents. The symptom is very nonspecific and the laboratory adjunct is essential. The management include initially emprical ATB and deescalate according to microbiology results. The ATB need to be selected carefully espcially when consider the penetration to the CNS. Established Dosage and Duration must be follow to ensure the most effective results