Monday July 8th, 2013

Removed recursive function call from MULE in favor of exclusively using the semi-iterative approach since the recursive function calls were no faster (and were potentially slower with python). Here’s an example:

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There are some irregularities near the edge of the map that may come from the shooting region being too small. In fact, increasing the shooting region size does get rid of the “holes” at the edges. A 5% increase seems to do it, though this hasn’t been robustly checked for all cases. As it stands, the shooting region size is determined by, \[x_{\rm img} = 1.05 \times \frac{x_{\rm tar}}{|1 - \kappa - \gamma|} \\ y_{\rm img} = 1.05 \times \frac{y_{\rm tar}}{|1 - \kappa + \gamma|}.\] Here’s an example: