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Offering New Routing Method in Ad hoc Networks Using Ant colony algorithm
  • Shirmohammad Tavangari
Shirmohammad Tavangari

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The aim of this study is to provide a novel method routing in ad hoc networks using ant colony algorithm. Hence for this study the researcher attempts to discover and create routes with less number of crossings, nodes sustainable and less energy transfer, to reduce latency end-to-end, save bandwidth and to extend the life and increase the lifetime of the network nodes. Research methodology for simulation algorithm has been OPNET software. Therefore, the proposed algorithm`s performance was comparedwith one of the most routing algorithms in mobile ad hoc networks AntHocNet. The results showed that the proposed algorithm compared with AntHocNet has more end-to-end delay, more package shipping, and less routing overhead can reduce energy consumption and thus increasesthe lifetime of the network nodes. The results of this study indicate that the latency end-to-end, saving bandwidth and increasing lifetime of nodes and network lifetime can be predicted by the proposed algorithm. .