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Experiments testing Bell’s inequality with local real source
  • Peifeng Wang
Peifeng Wang

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Aside from Bell’s inequality, entanglement and local real model have other aspects which are expected in experiments. Analysis on a) the physics concept of entanglement and b) precise interpretation of experiments shows that 1) In a reported loophole-free violation of Bell inequality, the transition of wave function from odd parity to even parity reveals that the experiment is performed on the spin of a pair of local real nitrogen vacancy (NV) centre. 2) The equivalence between rotating spin by θ and rotating measurement basis by −θ is not applicable in entanglement case, thus in long range entanglement setups for closing locality loophole, the operation of rotating spin followed by measurement puts the entanglement in question. 3) Fair sampling assumption arises when a finite sample is used to represent the entire population space, thus it is a basic requirement of statistical experiment, fair sampling loophole can not be closed.