Back In My Day They Were Citi-Penny-Farthings: An Analysis of Citi-Bike Ridership by Age


In this projected we intended to find out if older Citi-Bike riders take longer duration trips than younger riders. Our statistical comparison of means indicates that that is indeed the case.


We queried citibike user trip data for January, 2015. We removed outlier users whose age was greater than four standard deviations above the mean (around 86 years old), as there were a number of citibike users whose ages were 116 years old and more, which exceeds the world's record for oldest living human. We highly doubted that any of these geriatric champions came to New York in the middle of winter to ride around on bicycles, so we decided to remove them from our sample. We also removed trips whose duration was greater than four standard deviations above the mean, as we believed that these trips were not accurate, and it was simply a user error of not properly hooking the b