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Drososhare beta (sept 2016).

Introductory remarks:

  • The new version was pushed to the drososhare.net website before testing. This should never happen again.
  • The emails I send with the info@drososhare.net account seem to get lost sometime. what could be the reason?
  • This document will go through the user experience and refer to the producteev todo along. An index at the end will relate the todos with the text.

#Register and login

##The register Page
Registering a lab with a name already in the database should give an error. OK
Please modify the error messages:
email already in the database: "An account is already linked with this email, please use the login button to login or request a new password."
lab name already in the database: "This lab Name is already in use by another lab. Please use a different name or contact us if you think this is a mistake." (instead of The lab you are trying to register with is already registered!)

Please, although it was not included in the initial agreement, set a default lab address to "Please indicate the whole address as should be written on the boxes posted to you".

##After login.
Now, the user now goes to a useless page similar to the title page. Instead it should be going to:
- the Accept terms and condition page (if the user property "acceptTC" is False)
- the "lab users" page (if the user property "acceptTC" is True and if the number of users in the lab is lower than 2)
- the "lab fly inventory" page (in all other conditions)

**OK but: **

  • the user can go to the lab page without accepting the TC
  • at first login, the user is sent to the fly inventory page after accepting the TC
  • there should be a decline button leading to a log off (if the users click decline, he is logged off with a explanatory text: "You need to acccept the terms to use drososhare, you will be logged off now". )

On the lab Info page.

MAX numb of flies:
set default to 50
name it: "maximum fly line requests per month (once this number is reached, fly requests will be refused)"

The information seem not to be used during ordering.
this is how I think it should be used:
This information should be saved in the database "maxfliesamonth", a new entry for each lab should be calculated "availableforsharing" = true if the number of pre-orders accepted is inferior to maxfliesamonth, false otherwise.
I propose to recalculate it each time a preorder is accepted.

NB: This information will be used the same way you selected out the own lab during the order process (the SQRL query is now filtering for labID is different from the lab ordering, we would filter for lab_availableforsharing is true)

lab inventory page

BUG: lab staff should not be able to upload new list

NOT fixed: There is a limit in the size of the excel sheet that can be uploaded. (about 15000 entries I think). We need to find a way around it. Depending on where the actual problem is either:

  • make this limit above 60 0000 (no hardware change)
  • Give the possiblity to add entries at the upload. Then we could split the file manually and upload one file at a time.


error page

when charging a page behind the login while being logged off, it should go to the login page, not a "An Error Was Encountered
Page not found!" page. At least the error page should indicate "maybe you try to access a page without having logged in first, go to www.drososhare.net to login again."

Search process


Debug search for elav-gal4 OK

Debug "P{w+ , tubP-GAL80TS}" becomes 2 synonyms (when looking for P{tubP-GAL80[ts]} ):

  • P{w[+]
  • tubP-GAL80TS}

Tell me what the problem is, is this a problem with flybase data?


change text in the field to " indicate name of the flies you want to test. Different genetic elements can be separated with commas, semicolons or slashes".

when the search button is pushed, indicate that the website is searching flybase database (long delay without anything happening -> people will click again)

Search Results page

search bypassing flybase: now works only if there is no hit in flybase. it should also be there if there is a hit:
add one result with only the element searched (for elements not in flybase but with a hit in flybase)

sort result of the flybase search by number of synonyms (more synonyms goes up)

"Flybase Name" should be a link to the flybase page corresponding to that element ( http://flybase.org/reports/FBXXYYYYYYY.html, FBXXYYYYYYY being the FB id of the element you can get in the flybase database)

Display Results or Add Another Element Page

Get each element in a different column? (RICHARD ?)

Results for Page

get status column out

"elements" should indicate only the found element, not the searched one.

result ordering: TO DISCUSS WITH RICHARD: how much can be asked.
User should see very directly what element was found, what is extra and sort for it. Probably highlighting the name of the flies with colors and get a real "element found" column would be sufficient for the beta?

Is this an URGENT order? possiblity to make this non urgent should come back !

add "Please send the control line if there is one." as default for the message for the sender.

DEBUG: it seems some hits are not taken or at least not shown.
"w[*]; noc[Sco]/CyO; P{w[+mC]=tubP-GAL80[ts]}7","1;2;3",
look at order 51 on the nedegroup website.

show the comment for the sending lab.

Possibility to erase and change preorders:
what can be edited is:

  • urgent or not
  • comment
  • message for the sending lab
  • take hits out

##bunding orders
nothing up ????? nothing to test! Or is it because no order can be non-urgent?