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Coordinación ambulancias Hospital Base Valdivia
  • Arturo Reyes Leal,
  • Luis Santana Almonacid,
  • Maria Jose Nuñez
Arturo Reyes Leal
Austral University of Chile

Corresponding Author:caesarisnotdead@gmail.com

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Luis Santana Almonacid
Austral University of Chile
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Maria Jose Nuñez
Universidad Austral de Chile
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In this paper we’ll discuss the analysis and redesign of the process of coordination for the ambulances of ”Hospital Base de Valdivia”.

The hospital has an ambulance service for transporting patients in need of periodic treatment, like dialisis. These ambulances are coordinated centrally by a coordinator who receives each request, collects them, and generate an optimal route for each ambulance.

The coordinator has done this job for many years, and has a wealth of tacit knowledge about the process that is not available elsewhere. She knows most of the patients, and the most common routes by heart. We think that this is a problem, if something were to happen to the coordinator, her replacement would not be able to do her job, and to solve this problem we focused on formalizing the process, and developing tools to simplify the process, so anyone could do the job.