Jurnal Administrasi Kesehatan Indonesia (JAKI) receives scientific works in the form of ORIGINAL ARTICLES, COMMENTARY, LITERATURE REVIEW, and LETTER TO EDITOR. The manuscript must be original and unpublished. If the manuscript is accepted for publication in JAKI, than the submission of the manuscript shall not be permitted to publish the manuscript to other media. The manuscript is typed on A4 size A-size HVS paper with 1 spaced space on 1 side (not back and forth) with approximately 6000-8000 words for original article, 2000-3000 for commentary, 7000-8000 for literature review, and 700 words for letter to editor. The font type used is Arial size 11 pt. Margin or border of writing from the edge of the paper 2.5 cm in all four sides. The script is typed in (2) two columns. You are not allowed to use footnote. The manuscript file is sent in MS Word format. The manuscript is written in English with effective and academic language. All incoming scientific articles will be judged by the editor-in-chief appointed by the editors.
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