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Wire ThRoUgh Snare Twice (Wire TRUST) technique: a novel method to grasp a lead with inaccessible ends as a supportive femoral approach for transvenous lead extraction
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  • Yuhei Kasai,
  • Takuya Haraguchi,
  • Junji Morita,
  • Takuya Okada,
  • Takashi Tamura,
  • Yumetsugu Munakata,
  • Takayuki Kitai,
  • Masanaga Tsujimoto,
  • Jungo Kasai,
  • Tsutomu Fujita
Yuhei Kasai

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Takuya Haraguchi
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Junji Morita
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Takuya Okada
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Takashi Tamura
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Yumetsugu Munakata
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Takayuki Kitai
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Masanaga Tsujimoto
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Jungo Kasai
University of Washington Department of Computer Science and Engineering
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Tsutomu Fujita
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We introduce a fast and easy method of successfully grasping a lead without a free end called the “Wire ThRoUgh Snare Twice (Wire TRUST)” technique in a 49-year-old male patient who required transvenous lead extraction (TLE) and lead replacement due to lead malfunction. Our proposed technique is less difficult than using the Needle’s eye snare because the pigtail catheter is softer and has better operability. The Wire TRUST technique promptly allows a combined superior and femoral approach for TLE, even when the lead tip is difficult to free because of severe adhesion.
16 Apr 2023Submitted to Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology
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