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Runcinidae and Facelinidae: Two complete mitogenomes of understudied and misleading heterobranch families (Gastropoda, Mollusca)            
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  • Carles Galià-Camps,
  • Ana Karla Araujo,
  • Leila Carmona,
  • Ferran Palero,
  • María del Rosario Martín-Hervás,
  • Marta Pola,
  • Juan Lucas Cervera
Carles Galià-Camps

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ana Karla Araujo
Leila Carmona
Ferran Palero
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María del Rosario Martín-Hervás
Marta Pola
Juan Lucas Cervera


Here, we present the mitochondrial sequences of two ‘opistobranch’ heterobranchs: Runcina aurata García-Gómez, López, Luque & Cervera, 1986 and Facelina auriculata (O. F. Müller, 1776), the latter type taxon of the genus. The mitochondrial genomes were 14,282 and 14,171bp in length respectively, the two of them with a complete set of 13 CDS, 2 rRNAs, and 22 tRNAs. None of the mitogenomes showed gene reorganization, keeping the standard heterobranch mitogenomic structure. The base composition was completely distant between them, with a 25.7% GC for R. aurata, becoming the mitogenome with more AT content to the date, and 35% for F. auriculata, supposing one case of extremely rich GC content in “opistobranch” mitochondrial genomes.