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Radial Distribution of Solids Concentration in Downer
  • Fan Yiping,
  • Yafei Zhao,
  • Chunxi Lu
Fan Yiping
China University of Petroleum

Corresponding Author:fanyipin2002@yahoo.com

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Yafei Zhao
China University of Petroleum Beijing
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Chunxi Lu
China University of Petroleum
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Two different radial solids concentration distributions in downer have been reported, i.e. the ˄ shape combining with reverse-core-annulus and the core-annulus structures. The occurrence of these two patterns has not been quantitatively interpreted. In this paper, the aerodynamic theory is used in two-phase flow analysis. A transverse force on the particles, i.e. the Kutta-Joukowski transverse force, is introduced to explain and quantify the formations of these two radial solids concentration distributions in downer. This force is the function of the particle velocity gradient, the slip velocity and the gas density. Based on the available experimental data proposed in the published literatures, the distribution of the Kutta-Joukowski transverse force in downer is discussed. The results show that this force is the main factor for these two profiles occurrence.