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Obstetrics and Gynaecological Distress Measurement Scale: An Identification Tool
  • Aditi Kulkarni,
  • Tanvi Kothiwale,
  • Elisa Moras
Aditi Kulkarni
Yuvana Wellness

Corresponding Author:aditi.yuvanawellness@gmail.com

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Tanvi Kothiwale
Yuvana Wellness- Psychotherapy, Psychometrics and Training
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Elisa Moras
Yuvana Wellness- Psychotherapy, Psychometrics and Training
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Objective: To develop and validate a cohesive measure that can guide the doctor, psychologist and patient in identifying potential psychological problems that gynaecology and obstetrics patients suffer. Design: Top-down survey Setting: The study was conducted on gynaecology and obstetrics patients treating various gynaecological concerns at a local maternity hospital. Sample: OGDMS sample consisted of 211 gynaecology and obstetrics patients between 18 and 60 years old. Method: Top-down survey followed by an interview. Main outcome measures: OGDMS for use as an identification tool paired with psychotherapy to understand psychological distress in women. Results: The OGDMS was found to have good internal consistency and good criterion validity. Conclusion: The OGDMS proved beneficial in identifying underlying mental health concerns in women with gynaecological problems and serves as a preliminary intervention in providing proper mental health care to this population. Keywords: Obstetrics, gynaecology, distress, tool, psychology.