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A numerical study of Two-Dimensional Magnetized Bioconvective Unsteady fluid flow in two Stretching Parallel Plates with Internal Heating and Chemical Reaction Effects
  • Waris Khan,
  • Haroon Rasheed
Waris Khan
Hazara University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Haroon Rasheed
Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology
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Driven by scientific development, the bio-convection unsteady nanofluid flow has gained enormous attention in research due to its applications in various disciplines such as biosensors, biological polymer synthesis, pharmaceutics, microbial improved oil recovery, and environment-friendly applications. As such, this study aims to investigate the mixed bio-convective magnetized and electrically conducting 2-dimensional flow in view of two extended wall channels subjected to MHD, thermal radiation, and binary chemical reaction effects. A mathematical framework is developed underflow of a nonofluid based on certain conditions. The implication of Soret and Dufour impacts is considered in the model problem. Such a nonlinear mathematical model is tackled by invoking similarity solutions for mass conservation, momentum, temperature, concentration, and micro-organisms expressions. The dimensionless principles (ODEs) are addressed by the efficacy Nactsheim-Swigert shooting along with the iteration process, explicitly through shooting technique (RK-4). The outlines of distinguished emerging constraints on flow fields are offered through the plotted graphic visuals. The impact of physical quantities of engineering interest is offered numerically via tabulated values.