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Starr Edwards Ball Caged Mechanical Heart Valves' Reverberations -Need for a Phoenix of Analysis with a Critical Mindset
  • Mark Christopher Arokiaraj
Mark Christopher Arokiaraj
Pondicherry institute of Medical Sciences

Corresponding Author:christomark@gmail.com

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It has been 60 years since the invention of the caged ball mechanical heart valve prosthesis. Since then, it has undergone modifications and transformations. Starr Edwards has been the pioneer valve, which was eliminated from the clinical practice in the late 2000s. Numerous reports of Starr Edwards reaching 50 years or near are emerging from different parts of the world. The article discusses the potential advantages, the author's observations and review of literature about the thrombogenicity, pannus formation, left ventricular outflow tract obstructions, and infective endocarditis in the Starr Edwards valves, which were reportedly higher before its clinical ending, was only an overestimation and not supported by scientific data, though it was less. The bulky size and unattractive protruding shape were the primary causes of its elimination. Numerous successful implantations in Asian countries were observed, and observations of less primary failures and sudden cardiac deaths with these valves. Hence, there is a need for large data collections and documentation about these valves for a potential revival of use, especially when long-term durability is contemplated.