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TGF-β Signaling: a Potential Therapeutic Target of Single Herbs and Extracts for Renal Fibrosis
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  • huang gengzhen,
  • Zhang yaodan,
  • Hu chao,
  • Zhang yingying,
  • Ma yuerong
huang gengzhen

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Zhang yaodan
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Chronic kidney disease has emerged as a global public health problem in recent years. Chronic kidney disease progression, characterized by the development of renal fibrosis, leads to end-stage kidney disease. Transforming growth factor β has been shown to play a key role in the mechanism of renal fibrosis. Several studies have shown that individual Chinese herbal extracts can inhibit transforming growth factor β activation and reduce extracellular matrix formation, thereby imparting an anti-renal fibrosis effect through multiple pathways and multiple targets. In the present manuscript, the research trends of single traditional Chinese medicines and extracts in preventing and treating renal fibrosis are summarized, which may be insightful for generating new ideas for preventing and delaying renal fibrosis.