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Analysis of Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in 372 old adult inpatients
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  • Xian Zhang,
  • Xiao-juan Wang,
  • Jing-jing Tian,
  • Xi-ling Zhu,
  • Jun Yuan,
  • Qing Huang,
  • Hua Zhang,
  • Hui-hui Fang,
  • Le-le Cao,
  • Bo Tang,
  • Xu Chen
Xian Zhang

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Xiao-juan Wang
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Jing-jing Tian
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Xi-ling Zhu
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Qing Huang
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Hui-hui Fang
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Objective Analyze the potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs) use in 372 old adult inpatients in our hospital. Methods According to the Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Medications use for the old adults in China (2017 Edition, a retrospective analysis of the medications in 372 old adult inpatients aged 65 years and above was performed to evaluate the occurrence of their PIMs use. Results The average age of the 372 inpatients was (74.67±6.95) years old, the average Inpatient days was (11.96±8.5) days, and the average number of illnesses per person was (4.92±2.55). Of 372 inpatients, 62.63% (233) inpatients had PIMs in the China-PIM list for the old adults , and 17.20% (64) inpatients had PIMs related to their diseases. Conclusion The proportion of PIMs among old adult inpatients in our hospital is relatively high. The hospital should pay attention to it and actively take measures to reduce the risk of PIMs for the old adults and ensure rational drug use in clinical medicine.