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A new aqueous method for recovering high quality oil and deoiled meal from pecan kernels
  • Shuting Fu,
  • Wenbiao Wu
Shuting Fu

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Wenbiao Wu
Southwest University
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The extraction of oil by a new aqueous method has been promoted because it is environmentally friendly, safe and economical of cost. A new aqueous method using 1.4:10.0 water-to-pecan kernel slurry ratio was developed, which recovered 97.73% of oils from the kernel containing 70.47% crude oil content. The method had a higher oil recovery as compared to enzyme-assisted extraction or solvent extraction or cold pressing in terms of producing oil for safe consumption. The method recovered oils with 0.47 mg KOH/g acid value and 0.34 mmol/kg peroxide value which were identical to that obtained by enzyme-assisted aqueous method and lower than that obtained by solvent extraction. The de-oiled pecan meal obtained by the new aqueous method only contained 5.14% residual oils, which was edible since no harmful chemical was added during oil extraction. No waste water was produced during the aqueous extraction of oils.