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Breakup of bubbles in Advanced-Flow Reactor at low Reynolds numbers
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  • Yan Zuoyi,
  • Huan Li,
  • Yan Zhongyi,
  • tianming Chen,
  • wenyi Zou,
  • Huidong Zheng
Yan Zuoyi
Fuzhou University

Corresponding Author:fzu_enjoy@fzu.edu.cn

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Yan Zhongyi
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tianming Chen
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Huidong Zheng
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In order to study the behavior and mechanism of the bubble breakup in Advanced-Flow Reactor (AFR), visualization experimental study was carried out in a single Corning G1 module. The results show that the breakup behavior in AFR has a significant regularity at low Reynolds numbers (Re<1000), which is closely related to the capillary number Ca and the virtual length l0 of bubbles, and the criterions is also obtained. Most of bubbles in arc-shaped junction divergence of AFR are breakup with permanent obstruction (POB), which could be divided into two stages: squeezing stage and rapid pinch-off stage. The modified equation obtained in this paper can roughly describe the change of the bubble neck at the squeezing stage of POB. The research results provide a theoretical basis for industrial application of AFR and the development of next-generation reactors.