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Current status of cardiovascular surgery training in Argentina: New challenges and demands. An Argentinian College of Cardiovascular Surgeons `s National Survey. 
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  • Javier E Ferrari-Ayarragaray,
  • Miguel A Peirano,
  • Juan E Paolini,
  • Belén Nigro,
  • Juan M Osuna,
  • ; Juan Olivello
Javier E Ferrari-Ayarragaray
Cardiovascular Surgeon -Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Capital Federal
Miguel A Peirano
Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Vascular Surgeon, Hospital Ramos Mejia, Ca-pital Federal
Juan E Paolini
Vascular Surgeon -Department of Vascular Surgery, Capi-tal Federal
Belén Nigro
Vascular Surgeon . -Argentinian College of Cardiovascular Surgeons, Capital Federal
Juan M Osuna
Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon -Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and Heart Trans-plant, Hospital Italiano, Capital Federal
; Juan Olivello