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Physicochemical analysis of yogurt fortified with Moringa Oleifera leaf powder
  • Maryam Saeed
Maryam Saeed

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Moringa oleifera is is termed as life plant, miracle plant and multi-purpose plant for having several nutritional, pharmacological and industrial applications. It is used to make a novel fermented bio-product that is nutritionally rich and enhances the functionality of mango flavored yogurt. The effect of four different concentrations of moringa dried leaf powder are used during the production of mango flavored yogurt and analyzed for its physicochemical properties (pH, acidity, fat%, total soluble solids, moisture% ash%, fiber% and syneresis) and sensory characteristics. Results show that mango flavored yogurt fortified with 1% leaf powder of moringa oleifera has got highest score in majority of the sensory attributes over the storage period of 15 days at 5ºC. All treatments showed significantly (p ≤ 0.05) higher results for acidity, total soluble solids, protein & syneresis as compared to control treatment during fresh and storage period. While, all treatments showed less pH and moisture content than control and fat was nearly same in all treatments during fresh and storage period of 15 days at 5±1 ºC. The yogurt fortified with 1% Moringa oleiferaconcentration was overall most acceptable due to its better nutritional and physiochemical characteristics. Moreover, it is most acceptable among all other products by the sensory panel.