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Profiles of General Practice in a China's General Hospital
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  • xiaodan zhu,
  • Jiawei Han,
  • Yujing Sun,
  • Li Nie,
  • Yanhua Li
xiaodan zhu
Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jiawei Han
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Yujing Sun
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Yanhua Li
Zhejiang Chinese Medical University
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Rationale aims and objectives: The study about disease profile in primary care are increasing, the evidence in China’s general medicine ward is insufficient. This study was analyzed characteristics among patients visited in general practice, to explore its influence to China’s medical transform. Method: we conducted a study about profile of general practice from Jan,2014 to Dec,2019 in The Second Affiliated hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, and records general practitioners’ routine work,including outpatient care,inpatient care and residency training. Results: In outpatient care,101689 patients consulted in GP’s clinic,these patients cover all age groups. Age group of 61-75 years reach the peak of consultations. Common chronic diseases are main causes of patients admitted in general practice,the top five causes of admissions are COPD, pneumonia, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes and complications, hypertension and complications. General practice in hospital also provides students residency training, 25undergraduates and a student with junior college degree passed the Practicing Physician Qualification Examination from 2015-2019. Conclusions: general practice in hospital alleviate some pressure of medical workforce,it has positive impact on China’s medical transform. KEYWORDS: general practice, general hospital,health transform