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Awareness, Health Seeking Behaviors and Preventive Measures towards COVID-19 among Najran University Students
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  • Mohammed Alshahrani,
  • Abdullah Aedh,
  • Nahid Elfaki,
  • Hanan Alwadei
Mohammed Alshahrani

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Abdullah Aedh
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Nahid Elfaki
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Hanan Alwadei
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Background: New corona virus (COVID-19), as an international health threat poses a challenge to physical and psychological resilience globally. The aim of this survey is to explore the level of awareness, health seeking behaviors and preventive measures towards COVID19 among Najran university students. Methodology: By adopting a convenient sampling technique, a cross-sectional study was carried out at Najran university. A self-reporting electronic questionnaire had been utilized for collecting data. A total of 684 students were voluntary completed the questionnaire. Results: The mean age of the participants was 20.2±14.1, The most cited source for obtaining information about COVID-19 was the social media (51%). Females showed higher level of knowledge and awareness about the symptoms of the disease than males (74.3% vs 69.9%) respectively, although the difference was not significant with (P-value >0.05). In regard to compliance with preventive measures, medical students were significantly aware and complying with various preventives measures towards COVID-19 (P-value <0.05). Moreover, females seem to be very keen in seeking medical advices when needed significantly more than males (P-value<0.05). Almost more than 66% of the respondents know the recommended precautions in terms of wearing masks, not to touch outdoors surfaces directly and avoiding crowded places. 556(81.3%) of the participants believe that they should wear face masks outdoors. 6% of the participants prefer to take some herbs daily in different forms to avoid getting infected with COVID-19. Females had an overall higher mean of tension level towards getting infected than males (mean± SD was 5.61 ±1.65 vs 4.55± 1.63) respectively. Conclusion: It was concluded that our students have high level of knowledge and awareness about COVID-19, beside positive attitudes preventive measures and acceptable health seeking behaviors. It is highly recommended to assess the entire Najran community level of awareness so as to design educational programs when needed.