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Efficacy and safety of dupilumab for moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis: a systematic review for the EAACI Biologicals Guidelines
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  • Ioana Agache,
  • Yang Song,
  • Margarita Posso,
  • Pablo Alonso-Coello,
  • Claudio Rocha,
  • Ivan Sola,
  • Jessica Beltran,
  • Cezmi Akdis,
  • Mubeccel Akdis,
  • Knut Brockow,
  • T. Chivato,
  • Stefano R. Del Giacco,
  • Thomas Eiwegger,
  • Kilian Eyerich,
  • Ana Giménez Arnau,
  • Jan Gutermuth,
  • Emma Guttmann-Yassky,
  • Marcus Maurer,
  • Graham Ogg,
  • Peck Ong,
  • Liam O'Mahony,
  • Jürgen Schwarze,
  • Thomas Werfel,
  • Carlos Canelo-Aybar,
  • Oscar Palomares,
  • Marek Jutel
Ioana Agache
Transylvania University of Brasov

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Yang Song
Biomedical Research Institute Sant Pau
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Margarita Posso
Author Profile
Pablo Alonso-Coello
Hospital Sant Pau
Author Profile
Claudio Rocha
Biomedical Research Institute Sant Pau
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Ivan Sola
Biomedical Research Institute
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Jessica Beltran
Biomedical Research Institute Sant Pau
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Cezmi Akdis
University of Zurich
Author Profile
Mubeccel Akdis
University of Zürich
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Knut Brockow
Technical University of Munich
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T. Chivato
Univ CEU San Pablo
Author Profile
Stefano R. Del Giacco
University of Cagliari Faculty of Medicine
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Thomas Eiwegger
The Hospital for Sick Children
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Kilian Eyerich
Author Profile
Ana Giménez Arnau
Hospital del Mar. Institut Mar d´Investigacions Mediques
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Jan Gutermuth
Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel
Author Profile
Emma Guttmann-Yassky
Rockefeller University
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Marcus Maurer
Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Author Profile
Graham Ogg
University of Oxford
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Peck Ong
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine
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Liam O'Mahony
University College Cork National University of Ireland
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Jürgen Schwarze
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
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Thomas Werfel
Hannover Medical School
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Carlos Canelo-Aybar
Biomedical Research Institute Sant Pau
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Oscar Palomares
Complutense University of Madrid
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Marek Jutel
Wroclaw Medical University
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This systematic review evaluates the efficacy, safety and economic impact of dupilumabcompared to standard of care for uncontrolled moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis (AD). Pubmed, EMBASE and Cochrane Library were searched for RCTs and health economic evaluations. Critical and important AD-related outcomes were considered. The risk of bias and the certainty of the evidence were assessed using GRADE. Seven RCTs including 1845 subjects > 12 years treated with dupilumab16 to 52 weeks were evaluated. For adultsthere is high certainty that dupilumabdecreasesSCORAD (MD -30,72; 95%CI -34,65% to -26,79%) and EASI-75 (RR 3.09; 95%CI 2.45 to 3.89), pruritus (RR 2.96; 95%CI 2.37 to 3.70), rescue medication (RR 3.46; 95%CI 2.79 to 4.30), sleep disturbance (MD -7.29; 95%CI -8.23 to -6.35), anxiety/depression (MD -3.08; 95% CI -4.41 to -1.75) and improves quality of life (MD -4.80; 95% CI -5.55 to -4.06). The efficacy for adolescents is similar. Dupilumab-related adverse events (AEs) slightly increase (low certainty). The evidence for dupilumab-related serious AE is uncertain. The incremental cost-effectiveness ratio ranged from 28,500 £ (low certainty) to 124,541 US$ (moderate certainty).More data on long term safety are needed both for children and adults, together with more efficacy data in the paediatric population.
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13 Jul 2020Review(s) Completed, Editorial Evaluation Pending
14 Jul 2020Editorial Decision: Accept
Jan 2021Published in Allergy volume 76 issue 1 on pages 45-58. 10.1111/all.14510