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The Medicolegal Assessment of Noise induced hearing loss avoiding an ENT face to face exam in the COVID 19 climate
  • Sylvester Fernandes
Sylvester Fernandes
Newcastle University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Background In the current COVID-19 climate, a face to face (F2F) ear nose and throat examination is not possible. ENTs are among the highest risk specialties for the infection. The majority of physicians involved in medicolegal examinations lie in the vulnerable status. Some claimants may need early access to funds in the current situation. Methodology is provided to invoke the available epidemiological data to inform insurance payment decisions. Methods Predictions of ISO (2013) for noise‐induced threshold shifts can be used in calculating the noise‐induced threshold shifts. The 90 percentile figures are used. Methodology for Australia is detailed. Other jurisdictions can modify the methodology as appropriate. Results The possibility of a mathematical model is highlighted Conclusion Given a worker’s occupational noise exposure history, the methodology can estimate the expected contributions of noise and can replace the audio-clinical examination entirely. Keywords: noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL); COVID-19