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Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Survey on COVID-19 in Newly Merged Districts of Khyber Pakhthunkhwa Pakistan.
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  • Muhammad Arsalan,
  • Wagmah Khan,
  • Saima Afaq,
  • Nosheen Khan,
  • Zia ul Haq,
  • Hira Jamil
Muhammad Arsalan

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Wagmah Khan
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Saima Afaq
Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine
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Nosheen Khan
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Zia ul Haq
Khyber Medical University
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Hira Jamil
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Background: Newly Merged Districts (NMDs) of erstwhile FATA Pakistan area has remained under protracted emergency of conflict and terrorism and has difficult terrain with hard to reach areas. Methods: We conducted KAP survey about COVID19 in five NMDs, aiming at assessing knowledge of population and establishing baseline for comparison. A total of 1227 respondents (376 adult males, 382 adult females, 236 adolescent boys and 233 adolescent girls) were interviewed in 150 locations over a period of five days. Data Instruments were pretested, and consent of respondents were taken. Multiple choice options were given to choose from; hence responses have been calculated. Results: Our results reveal that mean knowledge score was similar amongst adults and adolescents. However, adult males on average scored better than the adult females. Overall, 98 % of the study participants knew about COVID 19 and 92% participants acknowledged COVID- 19 as a preventable infection. Formal school education and belonging to district NWTD and SWTD (vs. the reference district Khyber) were significantly associated with higher knowledge score amongst both adults and adolescents. In addition, formal school education and adults belonging to district Kurram, Orakzai and SWTD (vs. the reference district Khyber) had greater odds of believing that COVID 19 is preventable. Conclusion: Our findings confirm that majority of respondents know about symptoms, spread, prevention, test and treatment related to COVID 19 which may be attributed to concurrent global, national and provincial information dissemination campaigns.